The Remarkable Love of Vincent Campello

First  love  is tough–especially when you’re three thousand years old and in love for the first time.

The Remarkable Love of Vincent Campello tells the story of an ordinary man with extraordinary genetics who falls for the girl next door. When he leaves to give her time to grow up, she marries another—an abusive man who destroys her dreams of home and a happy family.

So what does a man in love do under the circumstances? Easy. Kidnap your sweetheart on her eighty-fourth birthday and take her home to be your wife. A little rehab to the old body, a carefully constructed cover-up for the kidnapping and you’re good to go.

One thing Vincent didn’t count on—his beloved’s reluctance to start over. After sixty-four years of misery, she’s ready for the Pearly Gates. And finding out her first love has a history stretching back a little further than she thought doesn’t set so well.

The Remarkable Love of Vincent Campello takes women readers ages thirty-five to sixty forward to the end of their natural lives to a place where all the loose threads weave back together. It’s the time traveler’s wife has lunch with Nicholas Sparks who’s making out in the backseat with Jan Karon.

And then things get a little odd. . .

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