Do you write humor?

Around here, we call it snark.

Your book reviews are all positive. How can I possibly trust your judgement?

I write recommendations, not reviews. Ten or more might cross the nightstand without finding anything  toe-curling. When I do find something wonderful, that book gets a write up ( just can’t help myself ) while others get passed along to friends with different taste.

Reading is subjective. I’ll never crispy-fry another author.

How long does it take to write a manuscript?

About two thousand hours give or take. Yes, I counted.

Who are your favorite authors?

Dean Koontz, Dave Barry

What’s your political affiliation? From the sounds of it, I’m thinking you’re  ____ (insert random party here.)

I don’t like politics. Next question-

So what other dark secrets are you hiding, pray tell?

I’m scared of clowns and garden gnomes. When angry, I use the word jackass with wild abandon.  Sometimes I feed the dogs off the table when no one’s looking. I think God’s big enough to create an entire universe in seven literal days.  Oh, and Monty Python Rockz.

That pretty much covers it.

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