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  4. The Taming of a Pharisee, Part 6 (Pharisee Games) — November 19, 2014
  5. The Taming of a Pharisee, Part 4 (or, The Start of the Dark Years) — October 20, 2014

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Dec 05

Contest Entry: Peg Phifer

Reading your entries was too much fun. Here’s another entry by Peg Phifer. Love it! ATTENTION ALL CATS WHO RUN A HOUSEHOLD Are you keeping your human staff up to par? Are you keeping their guilt levels high? I didn’t think so. Recent reports seem to indicate that you’ve been sleeping on the job. That simply will …

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Dec 03

Contest Entry: Tim Greens

Here’s another~ Tim’s cat has issues… great writer, though  Here’s a page I found in my empty apartment after I came home the other night – my girlfriend was gone, but the cat came back a few days later… we seem to be getting along just fine. you really are clueless, aren’t you – sorry …

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Dec 02

Contest Entry: Anna Navarro

Here’s a nice entry by Anna Navarro. Well done! It’s a lazy summer day and I’m all sprawled out on the sofa in just the right position so that the ceiling fan is hitting my entire body.  I yawn lazily and am in the middle of a good stretch when I hear the front door.  Someone …

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Nov 19

The Taming of a Pharisee, Part 6 (Pharisee Games)

So there I was, minding my own business—a husband, two little girls and a life busy enough to keep  thinking down to a minimum. The idea that I might be misrepresenting the love of Jesus to a hurting world didn’t bother me one stinkin’ bit. Let them eat cake. Or figure it out for themselves. …

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Oct 20

The Taming of a Pharisee, Part 4 (or, The Start of the Dark Years)

Sometimes a heart breaks over time, a piece falling out here and there. I remember the day mine fell on the floor and shattered in a million micro- bits.   First Love When I entered this world kicking and screaming, three beautiful faces smiled down on one of the ugliest babies on record. Early on, I …

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Oct 11

Entry: Nina Villarreal

And the last to give permission to post her entry–Nina Villarreal! Thanks Nina~ The Adventures of Kindle Kardashian (no relation), Krime-Fighting Kitty Katnip Kaper It was a cold dark night in the darkest part of the city, faraway sirens sired and the hounds were hounding but I didn’t care. I had to escape into the …

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Sep 19

Sappy Poetry Moment

Untitled poem written on a Whiny Day. Don’t tell me it stinks– I have delicate little feelings. (snicker) The eternal dancing of a suffering soul finds endless improvisation to avoid the flame. I know a thousand ways to avoid holding You close. You know a thousand and one to keep me tucked into the sanctuary …

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Sep 14

Today’s Thought: God is Good; People Stink Sometimes

My brother’s illness taught one lesson above all others. People make decisions—all on their own without consulting the rest of the world—because  they can. Sometimes consequences are larger than a body can bear. Sometimes consequences splash out and beat the crap out of anyone within striking distance. If you plant a tomato seed, you don’t …

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