Today’s Thought: God is Good; People Stink Sometimes

My brother’s illness taught one lesson above all others.

People make decisions—all on their own without consulting the rest of the world—because  they can.

Sometimes consequences are larger than a body can bear.

Sometimes consequences splash out and beat the crap out of anyone within striking distance.

If you plant a tomato seed, you don’t get one tomato seed back. You get an entire bush, ugly, sprawling and throwing off rotten tomatoes all over the flower bed, each one busting over with seeds just waiting to take over the landscape. This is not God’s fault. It’s the natural order of things.

Payday is Coming

Most people will admit there might be a God around somewhere. They see a world full of pain and wonder what sort of God they’re dealing with.

I am persuaded of two things.

Jesus is the expression of God’s overpowering, big-hearted love for a crazy world and…

. . .one day, folks will answer for everything they do.

And this time, punishment will be eternal.

Until then, we live in a world of grace. We make choices. We’re given space and time to repent of same. Those who turn to the One who died to pay for the blackness of the entire world get their records wiped clean.

We should all  be very thankful.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You

He said He came to bring the Kingdom of Heaven. What does that mean?

Forgiveness for every mistake we’ve made.

Healing for broken hearts and wounded souls.

Deliverance from bondage, the chains we choose and those chosen for us.

Restoration for everything stolen by the enemy.

Paradise, not just in eternity, but here.


In our hearts, our minds, our spirits.

And the Good News Is…

Jesus  didn’t leave heaven to be king and reform the politics of Israel. He had no intention of fitting in nicely with the current religious practices of His era. He didn’t do one thing the way the religious and political leaders thought He should.

He didn’t come to check out the lambs, make sure they used only the finest goats and bulls. He came to be the Lamb. To end the temple system of sacrifices and blood sprinkling. To take religion out of the hands of the elite and bring you and me face to face with a loving Father.

To walk and talk with Him once again.

He came to start a revolution.


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