The Between Times

Stories are great. You sweeten it a little, throw out anything irrelevant to the plotline and get right to the gooey center.

Thus with my story. Several commented that Taming of a Pharisee reflected a victorious life, lived extravagantly with the fullness that is Jesus, bathed in His love, washed in His goodness. . .


Most of my poor life, I spent thrashing around, whining like a girlie-babie.

Note the spiritual timeline:

Ages 0-7 –Pretty quiet

A few weeks at age 7—Jesus  shows up, saves girl from certain doom

7-12—Five  years of typical childhood junk and stuff

12-ish—Falls in love with Jesus

12-14—Family crisis, increasing darkness

14-18—Four years of roller coaster spiraling, generally trending downward

18-28—Ten  years of hard-hearted religious living

28—Turning point

29-49—Twenty  years of struggle, punctuated by moments of agony and glory, generally trending upward

For three decades, I feverishly applied one of those off-brand, Yeshua-substitutes to heal the broken places. Didn’t work so well. Fortunately, He takes care of His own  and He’s patient like crazy.

A Little Hindsight

Taming of a Pharisee wasn’t written to make anyone feel defeated. The one and only intention?

To direct the hurting to look Up.

You don’t have to wait until you’re knocking on fifty to live with a continual knowledge of His presence. You don’t have to spend decades parading around the wilderness bleeding.

Until recently, I spent random moments bathed in His love. Most of the time, I clung to anything and everything else. Religion became an idol—something I loved more than Him.

That has changed.

I’ve come to understand this wasted time, wasted life isn’t necessary.  From the perspective of distance, the roadblocks that tripped up broken feet stand out against the landscape.

He is faithful—and persistent.  The minute you turn to Jesus, calling on Him to rescue your sorry self, He sets events in motion, reorders your world, schedules appointments to intersect the heavenly with your circumstances.

Life begins again.


Everyone wants a do-over, right?

It’s your job to say yes when He calls.

It’s my job  to pull the boulders off your pathway.

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