Entry: Nina Villarreal

And the last to give permission to post her entry–Nina Villarreal! Thanks Nina~

The Adventures of Kindle Kardashian (no relation), Krime-Fighting Kitty

Katnip Kaper

It was a cold dark night in the darkest part of the city, faraway sirens sired and the hounds were hounding but I didn’t care. I had to escape into the darkness, my shiny black coat was it’s sleekiest ever, perfect to sneak about and find out the truth behind it all. Behind the sudden disappearance of my dear Uncle Samson, a tall gray and white with a heart of gold but a fondness for Korean Katnip that may have ultimately led to his demise. I must find out what has happened to him, I only hope I am not too late!

Slowly I crossed over the Railroad Tracks and climbed my way down the hill to the shipping docks. My heart is racing as I know I am in MowMow’s stomping grounds. MowMow is the King Tom of the Docks, a scarred up matted old Ragdoll with a temper as fierce as his foul fishy breath. He does not take kindly to any felines not under his control in his area. I had dealt with him once before and had barely escaped with my life.

Upon reaching the docks, I was unnerved, it was strangely quiet…too quiet. Not only was MowMow nowhere to be seen but not one of his Henchcats were patrolling their usual grounds trafficking their illegal Katnip to the desperate and despaired. I searched the entire area. Nothing. Weird. Really Weird.

All of a sudden, I heard a sound so soft that I actually barely heard it. I nearly thought it was my imagination. It was the lightest scratch, like on metal or something tingy. It came from beneath me, I leaned over the edge and then I saw under the dock there was a metal trunk in a dingy sized rowboat. At first I thought, oh it must have hit something and made that sound, but then I heard it again, and again and then more and more scratching, frantic scratching coming from all over inside the trunk.

And then I saw the crudely stenciled stamp on the trunk…it said “BAXTER LABS – LIVE SPECIMENS – HANDLE WITH CARE”. My worst fear for Uncle Samson was not even close to the horrifying thought of him being sent to Baxter Labs. Unspeakable experiments were done to animals in that evil place. I had to get that trunk open!

I jimmied the lock, it was solid, no luck. I tried to cleverly pick the lock with my longest claw and it just ended up getting stuck in the lock and I had to painfully tear it away without screaming. That was hard.

Then I noticed a shiny sleek motorboat just a few yards away and it was pointed directly at the dingy boat. A most brilliant idea came into my little furry head. I raced quickly over to the motorboat and loosened the tie down as much as I could. Fortunately it was the button start kind of motorboat, a fancy schmancy one too. I smiled, on the dashboard of this exquisite boat was a gold plated name plate that read “Jasper J. Baxter”, the owner, founder and CEO of Baxter Labs, Inc. This could not be more perfect, I just hope it works. I pushed the button as hard as I could and it actually started. It roared to life with me in it. I jumped out so fast I nearly fell in the water. It headed straight to the dingy just like I thought it would. In no less than ten seconds it had smashed into the docks, crushing the dingy and popping open the trunk up against another boat on the other side. Then at that exact moment the engine flooded with sea water and it died up against the docks, perfectly damaged. It was gonna cost Jasper a pretty penny to fix that mess. Hehheh.

I ran to the trunk that was squished up against the other boat, but as I got closer, I slowed down, I did not see any movement coming out of the trunk as I thought I would. Was I too late? I closed one eye and slowly peered into the trunk, afraid of what I would see. But what I saw shocked me to my soul, it was a trunk full of King Crabs! Very still at first, then all of sudden they all started scrambling around scratching at the metal trunk, trying in vain to get out. My mouth must have been open really wide because I choked on a mosquito that flew directly in. Yuk!

Just then I heard “Your neice is a genius Sam!!” I swirled around to see where that voice came from and saw to my amazement my very own dear Uncle Samson and MowMow arm in arm, swaying towards me, clearly under the influence of too much Katnip.

“Kindle! You did it! We have been trying all night to get that trunk open! It’s a feast!”

Uncle Samson cheered.

I did not know whether to be angry or happy to see my Uncle Samson. He worried me half to death and now here he is with the worst possible kind of Cat, arm in arm, singing and carrying on without a care in the world. Then I impulsively ran to him and gave him the tightest hug I ever gave. I could not help myself, I was so happy he was alive and safe.

“These crabs were for Old Baxter’s Grand Luncheon tomorrow, now there gonna have to eat Tuna!” MowMow screamed and laughed so hard he spit up a hairball.

 I was just so happy to have my Uncle Sammy back I didn’t care about anything else.

“Let’s go home! We can come back later for crabs!” I smiled at Uncle Samson and took his paw and led him home, safe and sound.

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