Contest Entry: Anna Navarro

Here’s a nice entry by Anna Navarro. Well done!

It’s a lazy summer day and I’m all sprawled out on the sofa in just the right position so that the ceiling fan is hitting my entire body.  I yawn lazily and am in the middle of a good stretch when I hear the front door.  Someone is home.  Ahhh, there she is, the true love of my life, the one and only.  My owner’s sister, Valentina.  Oooh and trust me, she is a beauty.  Long black hair, long legs, a delicate heart-shaped face, very sleek, calm, and cool.  She could be in the cat family.  Her eyes are cattish even.  If she was in the cat family, she would surely be my girl.  I adore her.  You should see how she tosses her head back when she laughs or how her whole face lights up when she smiles.  I love to sit and stare at her.  Sometimes I get a little closer.  In fact, I’m inching closer right now.  She is sitting at the kitchen table talking to my owner.  I inch and stop.  Inch-stop.  The closer I get, I am amazed at her big brown eyes; they really do twinkle.  She looks like a smiling angel.  Inch-stop.  Disappointingly, I stop-stop.  It always happens.  Oh, it’s inevitable.  I hear a sniffle.  Still smiling, she notices me and her smile widens, “Hi Chazz baby, how are Aaaaaachoooo! Aaaaaaachooo!, you?”  This is what I call “the curse.”  Those darn allergies!!!  She reaches for a tissue, still smiling.  What a sweetheart.  She never gets mad at me for getting too close.  And sometimes she just grabs my face and rubs my head and ears and I just melt with gratitude.  I don’t even mind it when she runs and washes her hands immediately after.  I’m very understanding.  Some people are just allergic to us cats.  And vice versa.  Seriously, I know several cats that are allergic to humans.  For instance, I have a buddy in Los Angeles named Boo.  Forget it; he’s allergic to all humans!  He gets very ill around them.  It’s a natural thing.  You can’t fight it.  But, I’m so mad about it I call it “the curse” because it separates me from my beloved Valentina, the love of my life.

When I was little I used to jump on her bed all the time and she would nudge me so tenderly and say “Oh Chazz honey, you can’t come up here.  Go on Chazz.  Go on honey.  Go play.”  Not at all like her brother Mike!  I call him Big Meanie or “BM,” and yes pun intended.  I tried once to cuddle up to him and did my very best purring and wham, stars for days–with one arm he flung me off in the opposite direction.  Boy did that hurt my feelings and then I got real angry.  So now when BM comes over, I make sure to irritate him the best I can.  Hide his flip flops, sample the food on his plate, etc.  Jumping on him when he falls asleep on the sofa scares him good.  I know I really shouldn’t do those things.  He’s not an animal lover to begin with and I’m not making things any better for other animals that come down his path.

So, now I have to just resolve myself to stare at Valentina from a distance and appreciate all the sweet words she gives me and happy smiles she sends my way, and boy do I cherish the few moments she will reach out and rub my head.  Well to be quite truthful, I didn’t acquiesce so easily in the beginning.  I started out pretty stubborn and did whatever I wanted.  My owner and Valentina caught me one day.  I had been sleeping under Valentina’s bed for weeks.  Yeah, I know, I know…very inconsiderate of me.  But I love Valentina’s room!!  It’s so lovely, just like her.  Plus, it’s the coldest room in the house and it’s a cool haven on these scorching hot days.  And the room smells so wonderful, just like Valentina.  She has perfumes galore but she always wears the same one in that blue bottle (Note to Self:  Confiscate blue bottle when it’s emptied, something to cherish).  That’s why I am drawn to Valentina’s room, it smells like her!!  Well, they caught me dreaming under her bed.  It was the best dream too, I was a great inventor and I had killed the curse!  Ohmigosh!! My owner acted like I stabbed her!  She screamed and I jumped up and hit my head real hard on the undersurface of the bed, not knowing what was happening or what my name was, very bewildered and scared!  So, now they are onto me.  Valentina’s room is off limits for sure.  Sheesh….now even if I merely walk by her door my owner screams, “No Chazz, No Chazz, don’t you dare go in there Chazz!!!  Gosh, I jump a mile every time, scares me to death–I just want to smack my owner upside the head!  I know I can’t go in the room!! I just like to walk by and get glimpses of her or get whiffs of her.

Oh well, getting sleepy now, going to my cozy spot under the ceiling fan.  Would be nice if I could dream about destroying the curse again.   I loved that dream.  Eyes getting so heavy….ahhh I’m drifting into my dream.  Oh this is good!  I’m sitting on Valentina’s lap!  No sneezing!  I killed the curse…I killed the cur—zzzzzz

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